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beauty Tip

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Your Spa & Beauty Salon



For a relaxing, energizing, and luxurious spa experience that will lift your spirits and channel

your inner goddess, visit Tampa's Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon.


Our little oasis of happiness is the perfect escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the fast- paced

city lifestyle. Beatrice Spa is all about "serenity in the city." We have created a wonderful,

therapeutic healing spa that is warm, inviting, and focused solely on the art of relaxation.


We offer a variety of spa packages to help you unwind. Each one of our specialized treatments

uses the safest, newest skincare products and revolutionary skincare techniques.


Our gracious staff was hired and trained by Beatrice herself, and the staffers are true experts in

the fields of massage therapy, skincare, nail treatment, and body hair removal. When you come

in for any beauty treatment at Beatrice, you will be given the star treatment and be pampered

until you glow with radiance.


The Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon environment is soothing to the mind and soul. Adorne

d in shades of gold, white, and beige, the spa's decor was inspired by Egyptian, Roman,

and Turkish baths and meditation rooms.


Our spa center is truly unique to New York and Tampa.. Retreat from the grinds of

daily life and immerse yourself in comfort and quality here at Beatrice Spa and Salon.

We look forward to helping you achieve bliss for your

mind, body, and soul.



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